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Expert Tech Review

Starting at $3,000

The Expert Tech Review provides targeted technical expertise for your business needs.

Would you be able to make better decisions by consulting with a technical expert? Are you contemplating making an important investment in a software product or business?

The Expert Tech Review brings in a highly experienced and highly skilled engineer to answer your questions and, perhaps more importantly, help you figure out what questions to ask before making a decision that is important to your business.

How It Works

We start by meeting with you to learn about your business and what you are trying to accomplish. Then we collaborate to identify and prioritize what you need to know.

After that, we get to work. Working from your list of priorities, we apply decades of experience to research, discover, and collate the information you need.

Within three business days, we’ll deliver a report detailing what we’ve found in a clear an actionable manner. We’ll finish with a meeting for you to ask questions and ensure you have clarity.

Is This for You?

This program is not a good fit for everyone. In many cases, it is not worthwhile to invest this much into making the best decision you can. But if this is something that interests you, click here to book a free consultation with me.