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Rails Rescue

$1,500 per day, per engineer

The Rails Rescue program provides targeted technical expertise for your Rails application.

Is your app difficult to maintain, slow, or crashing? Did you fail a security audit? Do you need to migrate to a different hosting platform, upgrade gems, or upgrade Rails itself? Or do you need preventative maintenance to take care of these issues before they are a problem?

The Rails Rescue program brings in highly experienced and highly skilled engineers to solve your problems. They will make your Rails application more reliable, more maintainable, and more secure.

How It Works

We start by meeting your team, learning about your app, and identifying the problems. Then we collaborate to list your priorities.

After that, we get to work. Working from our list of priorities, we apply decades of experience to mitigate your problems one by one.

In most cases, you will see tangible improvements each day that we work together.

Is This for You?

This program is not available to everyone. It is a highly collaborative process. You will be working closely with our team and we are very selective about who we work with. If this interests you, click here to book a free consultation with me.