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Build Your App

$80k per month for three months

Build Your App is a twelve-week program to turn your idea into a functioning application.

This is for entrepreneurs who have the resources and are ready to commit to making their vision a reality. You need to understand your customers, understand their needs, and be ready and able to invest in creating a solution for them.

Collaboration is required. You will need to meet with the team at least an hour per week and be available during business hours for ad-hoc conversations.

How It Works

We start at the beginning, with what’s called an inception. We spend all day together, learning about your customers and fleshing out your vision until we know enough to turn it into a series of small features and improvements that are independently deliverable.

Then we get to work. Two full-time engineers and one part-time designer work together to create, piece by piece, the elements to make your dream a reality. You’ll see improvement to your product on most days, and receive a report on the progress every week.

Soon, you’ll have a minimum viable product to start building a base of paying customers and adapting to their feedback. We continue to improve the product and adjust to feedback until the program is over.

Is This for You?

This program isn’t for everyone. It requires a large investment of time, effort, and money. It also requires you to have a deep understanding of who the users and customers of your app will be. But if you have the resources and believe in your idea, it is the best and fastest way to get a working app in front of your customers.

This program is not available to everyone. It is a highly collaborative process. You will be working closely with our team and we are very selective about who we work with. If this interests you, click here to book a free consultation with me.